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   Our Team
Founder - Diesel Power International

Late Sh. Arun Sharma ( 1960 – 2011 ) : The founder of our Company, an IIT’an from Kanpur, with an MBA in Sales & Marketing, has been the sole driving force since it’s inception in the year 1991 till 2011. He possessed sharp business acumen and in no time drove the organization to “Numero Uno” position consecutively for 4 years PAN India from 2004-2008. His efforts of successfully spreading across the Globe, unfortunately came to a sudden stop due to his untimely demise, but his Vision & Dream, still remains intact in the core of Diesel Power International’s team and the Spirit to deliver the Best to the Customer continues………


Smt. Anita Sharma : Smt Anita Sharma w/o Late Sh. Arun Sharma, took over the challenge with high spirits, to carry forward and fulfill the Dream, The Mission & The Vision left half way by her deceased husband from November 2011 onwards. She is Chartered Accountant by profession and recently have added one more feather to her cap by pursuing & completing her MBA in Business Management, from IMT Gaziabad, in the year 2011. She heads the Finance, Admin, Purchase & Legal Cell in the organization. She has a daughter, 21 years of age.       
CEO and Advisor     

Mr. Sanjay S Sharma : He Joined the organization in November 2011. He heads the Sales & Marketing, HR, Operations & Customer Care in the organization. Prior to joining the organization, he has worked with different organizations in the recent past, heading PAN India Channel Sales Operations and comes in with a rich experience in Channel network development & Sales. He is an Engineer by profession and holds a bachelors degree in Electronics & Telecommunications from University of Pune. He has a daughter, 11 years of age.

Our Core Team

Mr. Ram Prasad : He is one of the oldest member of our team and has been associated with our Company since May 2002. He, with the experience has become an expert in the powder coating domain and is instrumental in ensuring that every acoustic that moves out of the works goes out with the best of the coatings so as to sustain the Sun, the Rain, the Pollution and other atmospheric chemicals and remain as elegant and rugged as it left our premises, years on years…… Creating Value at Customer’s premises.

Mr. Umesh Soni : He has been in the organization since 2006 and his personal & professional growth has been substantial due to his own sincere and hard efforts. He, through his self less contribution, has established himself as the most trusted lieutenant in the organization and is leading the way for other team members, to follow his foot-steps, so that every member of the organization takes the ownership and delivers the best keeping The Customer in the forefront. One of the strongest pillars of Diesel Power International……..

The Emerging Pillars : Diesel Power International team is more or less quite new but has in the recent past shown that “Where There is One Team, Will & One Goal, There is Success”. These emerging pillars have vowed to ensure, through their sincere hard work, expertise through experiences and a will to deliver the Best, In-Time, an overall delightful experience to the Customer with our product & it’s performance. To ensure a Global foot print of Diesel Power International…….

Our Products
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