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DP 100(100 KVA)

Power Rating (KVA) 100
Electric Power (KWe) 80
Rated Current (A) 139
No of Phases/Volts* 3/415
Dimensions (L X W X H, mm x mm x mm) 4000 x 1260 x 1910
Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres) 250
Battery Capacity (AH) 150
System Voltage (VDC) 24
Weight (Kg) 2200
Dry Weight (Engine-Kg) 600
Engine Model AL6DTIG1
Engine Max HP 134.0
Engine Rated HP 122.0
Aspiration Natural
No of Cylinders 6
Bore & Stroke (mm x mm) 104*113
Displacement (Litres) 5.759
Compression Ratio 17.5:1
Fuels cons (Litre/hr)** 16.0
Lub oil Sumb Capacity (Litres) 12.0
Lub oil Consumption <0.3%
Coolant Capacity (Litres) 16.0
Governing Class Electronic A1
* Single Phase DG set is available optional from 10 KVA
** Fuel Consumption of Genset @75% of load is considering specific gravity of fuel 0.8355 at NTP
     condition, Tolerance will be +5%


Phase : Three/Single
Frequency,             Hz : 50
Voltage,                   V : 415/240
Power factor,          lag : 0.8
Ambient : 40 deg.c
Altitude : <1000 mtrs.
Speed, rpm : 1500
Mounting : Horizontal foot mounted
Duty : Continuous
Direction of rotation : Clockwise from de
Automatic voltage regulator : M/c mounted
Voltage regulation : +/-1% with 4% prime mover speed variation
Standards : IS 4722 -1992, IEC 34
Class of insulation : H
Temperature rise : H
Enclosure : IP 20
Cooling : IC 01
Wave form distortion (thd) : Less than 3%
Overload capacity : 10% overload for 1hr. once in 12 hrs.
Unbalance permitted : 25% with none of the phase currents exceeding the rated current. Temp   rise limits for corresponding class of insulation may exceed 10 degre c   under such cond. voltage regulation under above condition will not apply.
No. of bearings : Single /Double
Lubrication type : Grease Lubricated


•  Compact and aesthetically built.
•  Conforms to all leading industrial and marine standards
•  Simple design, fewer parts easy access to coupling bolts, output terminals and rotating diodes
•  Simple to install and maintain
•  Wide range of flange adopters and single bearing flexi-disc couplings
•  Wound with 2/3 pitches in stator to reduce harmonic effects
•  Permanent magnet generator (PMG) for providing constant excitation. (Optional)
•  Paralleling with other generator or main grid
•  Self lubricating, sealed type for ball bearing
•  Sophisticated and reliable AVR, having good capability to handle non-linear loads


Power rating as per Standard reference condition as per BS 5514/ISO 3046/ISO 8528

Reference condition (Dec C Ambient Temp) 27
Atmospheric Condition (KPA -750mm of Hg) 100
Humidity 60% - As per IS10002, ISO 3046
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